Stressful problem

“No, not now! It’s stuck!“ Many of us know that an attempt to free stuck key can be a very traumatic experience.

To begin with, stop panicking and try to draw the plan of action. Obviously you can’t simply leave your auto in the street. Doors are unlocked and anyone can get in. No matter what you decide to do, however, never use brutal force to free the key as it’s a proven way to break it.

Normally key effortlessly comes out after your rotate it. If it does not, first and foremost you need to find the probable reason for the difficulty. Some causes may be associated with the particular vehicle model. Many reasons, however, are quite common and may happen to any car.

What can cause the problem?

The most universal causes of the problem:

  • Worn-out details
  • Damaged ignition lock cylinder or key
  • Dirty ignition lock or key
  • Temperature drops below zero leading to frozen details

Worn-out details

We use car keys several times a day. When you rotate the key in the mechanism, this wears it. Thus, it is a rule of thumb that when you don’t need car key, put it in a place where it won’t touch hard surfaces or change in the pocket.

Damaged details

If your key has even the tiniest scratch, then it won’t effortlessly rotate in the mechanism. Substitute your car key with new one immediately as soon as you see the damage.

One more reason for key deformation is our desire to use it for purposes other than that intended. For instance, it may be so easy to open a bottle with own car key. Put an end to this habit or face the consequences. Moreover, one day you won’t start your car at all.

Dirty key or ignition lock

Again, if you got used to opening pizza boxes and other packages with your key believing that it is fast and convenient, the sticky tape can still be on it when you try to start your car next time. It will make it more tricky for the key to rotate properly.

Temperature drops below zero leading to frozen details

When temperature falls below zero, ignition mechanism can freeze and prevent car key from rotating. You should not worry, however. Many drivers have experienced the same problem. Just bear in mind that some condensate may appear in the lock. Car left outside for a few hours cools down and the condensate crystallizes.

All you need to do is to warm the mechanism. Use your hair dryer to warm the ignition or call the service centre. But no matter what you determine to do don’t pour hot water in the ignition. Hot water will freeze fast and make matters worse.