Tips for Secure Wireless Network

Wireless technologies are widely used today for data transmission in computer networks of any scale and complexity. The transmission of information can be carried out by means of radio waves or infrared radiation. The most popular segment of wireless technologies is wireless Internet, which today has become an almost indispensable part of the lives of users of various groups – from IT specialists and businessmen to housewives and retirees.

How to Secure WiFi: Tips for Securing Your Wireless Network

Most often, we are faced with a situation when organizations have wireless networks organized as follows:

  1. The wireless network is based on SOHO (Small office/home office) routers/access points that are not designed to work in busy networks.
  2. Pre-Shared key authentication is used.
  3. There is unrestricted access to servers and other resources from the wireless network.
  4. Internet access is configured without any restrictions/checks.
  5. There is no proper control over the firmware version updates on the equipment.

To get various information about IP networks – connected devices, open/closed network ports, public files/folders, etc. – software IP scanners are widely used. These specialized utilities help system administrators fine-tune and troubleshoot network errors, and cybersecurity specialists find vulnerabilities (“holes”) in the security systems of computer networks.

The ability to distribute the Internet from any source – connections via a local and wireless network, USB modems, smartphones (pre-configured to distribute the Internet via USB or your own Wi-Fi), and others. The presence of a powerful enough firewall that can not only monitor the network activity of devices connected.

The Most Important Tip of Secure Wi-fi is a Strong Password

Sometimes the Wi-Fi password is forgotten or lost. Sometimes someone entered a passcode on the device and forgot to tell the user the secret combination. In any case, it is not difficult to find out the password for Wi-Fi. In Windows, you can quickly identify the code for connecting to an active network or any other network stored on the device. Let’s look at several ways to do this.

The application how to encrypt internet connection automatically detects available physical network interfaces that can be used to distribute the Internet from a computer (for example, “Ethernet” – local area network connection), so the user will not encounter any difficulties in this matter.

Often, the password is indicated on a sticker located on the back of the router. But, if the ink is erased or the user is unable to understand the numerous character sets, you can go to the router settings. The action plan may differ for different models. Let’s consider the most popular devices.

If you cannot get into the settings of the router, you will need to reset the device to the factory settings. The procedure will reset the Wi-Fi password. To reset the router, click the “Reset” button. In most models, it is located on the back. If there is a small hole under the lettering, carefully insert a needle through it. Press the button for 10 seconds. After resetting the router, you need to configure it again, including setting a new password.

Pros and additional features of the program:

  1. Is completely free.
  2. The simplest user interface and ease of use (however, most similar programs have this quality).
  3. The ability to limit the number of connected devices.
  4. The presence of a simple firewall allows you to view information about devices connected to the virtual Wi-Fi, the amount of transmitted/received traffic, and its current transmission speed.