Hollow Knight Simple Key, Graceful Key, and Rotten Egg Location

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Despite its name, the item called a simple key in Hollow Knight is by no means easy to obtain. The problem is that these keys unlock one door, then break and disappear. There are four doors that need to be opened with such keys, but there is exactly the same number of keys.

How to Get Simple Keys

The first Hollow Knight’s simple key can be purchased from Slay. The price is 950 Geo. The second you can get in the City of Tears. To be more precise, we are interested in a spacious room with Winged Sentries, and you will find a simple key in one of the corridors on the right side of the room.

The third key can be obtained in the Ancient Trench. More precisely, it is on the corpse of the Royal Servant. The fourth and last key you will get in the Colosseum of Fools, it falls out of the Pale Spy.

How to Get the Graceful Key

Hollow Knight’s Graceful Key is an item that opens the door to the Sanctuary of Souls. You can get this key by purchasing it from Slay in the Mud, the price of the issue is 800 Geo if you deliver the shopkeeper’s key to this very Slay.

The purpose of the key is directly hinted by the presence of the Hallownest Soul Sanctuary on it. The latter is of considerable interest to the player since there you can find the Shadow Soul. It provides the ability to significantly increase the power of the Vengeful Spirit, which can be quite useful for many players. You can get the spell by defeating the Warrior of Souls fighting with the support of Blazhi.

How to Get The Rotten Egg

The Rotten Egg in Hollow Knight, despite its name and full correspondence to this name, in fact, is actually quite a useful consumable item. The thing is that it can be sold for Geo Jinn Steel Soul, or you can give it to Confessor Gigi to summon the Shadow in case the main character is killed. If you were not killed, then Gigi will refuse to take this thing.

You can get a rotten egg by meeting Bluggsacs or their corpses. There is an opportunity to loot the desired consumable from them. Moreover, after their death, the Bluggsacs are no longer reborn. However, at the same time, there will be no restrictions on the extraction of such eggs if you decide to purchase them from Tuk in the Royal Stocks. Also, one such egg is sold by Sly for 60 Geo, and another is given by the Father of Caterpillars if you save 16 caterpillars. Two eggs can be found in the City of Tears, three in Crystal Peak, three more in the Deep Nest, four in the Royal Sewers, and one in the Deep Wastes. And the last ones are on the Green Path, in the Queen’s Gardens, in the Resting Grounds, and at Kingdom’s End.