Lois Griffin Voiced by Olivia Hack

Lois Griffin Voiced by Olivia Hack

Olivia Hack is an American film and voice actress. She gained fame thanks to the fact that she voiced Lois Griffin in the animated series Family Guy. In this article, we will discuss this character and tell you how Olivia Hack made her who she is.

Lois Griffin Character Description

Lois Griffin is one of the main characters in the animated series, who was voiced by Olivia Hack. She is also Peter’s wife. In the early seasons, Lois was an exemplary and sane housewife who opposed Peter and could rein in her moronic husband. In later seasons, the writers slightly tweaked her character, making her more impulsive.

Despite her balanced and gentle nature, Lois will never allow herself to be offended. And this is wonderfully added by Olivia Hack’s voice. In many episodes, she makes it clear that she is a modern woman with modern views. One day she takes Meg’s boyfriend away, and another time she decides to completely change her lifestyle to a teenage one. And all this in order to prove to herself that she is still attractive. However, no one doubts this, because, for her age, Lois looks great. Glenn Quagmire is in love with her.

From series to series, Lois becomes more impulsive. Sometimes she does such crazy things that eve Peter Griffin is not able to do. So, in her life, she was able to learn taijutsu and kick many asses was a kleptomaniac thief. She was in prison, cooked methamphetamine with her husband and children. Under the influence of alcohol, she becomes completely uncontrollable. Despite all this, she is the most adequate of all family members.

It should be noted that in the first 3 seasons she was an exemplary mother. But later she stopped caring about her children, especially about Meg.


Lois Griffin has tried herself in a wide variety of professions. Sometimes, her work is the main plot of the series. She managed to master such professions as piano tutor, stewardess, model, mayor, reporter of FOX channel, pastry chef, operator, deputy director of a grocery store, and many others. It is known that in her youth she starred in porn, which she does not regret.

Birth and Childhood

She was born into a very wealthy family in Newport, Rhode Island. Her father is Carter, a millionaire industrialist. Regardless, the money did not spoil Lois. Although the reason for this may be that the parents simply did not spoil their daughter.

At the age of 18, she met her future husband. At the time, Peter was a poor towel delivery man. It would seem that a fat poor guy could interest an upper-class girl. But because of her sincerity, Lois and Peter soon got married and moved to Quahog for permanent residence. And all these actions are perfectly combined with Olivia Hack’s voice, which makes this personality totally alive. We can definitely say that she is a talented person, who makes viewers feel all the characters she voices.